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Take a better route to improving your mental health

Walking Therapy

Whether the route is high up on a mountain, or low and flat, on a wide level pathway, there will be outstanding views, and a few resting points along the way.

Choose from a variety of risk assessed routes, that each have ample parking and offer the maximum safety and privacy for walking and talking.


There are routes to suit all fitness levels and accessibility.
Choose a route that suits your needs and

look forward to taking time to reflect on your situation,
in the same supportive manner that you would receive inside a counselling room.

The only difference is the view!


How it works

Careful consideration is given to your
safety and needs, whilst using
the Walking Therapy service. 


All aspects of the Walking Therapy service have been carefully assessed in order to
maximise your safety and privacy, including
special consideration and compliance with
the government guidelines on Coronavirus.

Following an introductory online session, in which your needs can be assessed and discussed, an information pack will be sent to you.

This will include detailed information on the routes available, what to wear and bring with you, weather considerations, how to book and pay.

For any further enquiries about this service, please click on this link to get in touch.

Or book your Online Introductory Session

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