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Creative Therapy

Art is for everyone to enjoy and is the closest means we have to expressing our sense of feeling.
This is why it is a therapeutic process as much as it is an enjoyable pastime.

Before we had language, we had images, which we visualised in our mind when we experienced anything. These images were the closest translation to that experience and the feelings that occurred with it. We began to communicate with drawings, and then came language, which we now rely on as our main form of translating and communicating how we feel. Therefore, language is a far translation from that original experience, which is why image remains the strongest, safest and more honest way of exploring and understanding our feelings around an experience.

Creative Therapy


Creative therapy is an opportunity to explore your yourself through image. You DON'T have to be good at art, or a naturally creative person, in order to enjoy this experience. You will be guided through the process and supported as you encounter a side to yourself that you didn't know was there. For those who enjoy anything creative, this opportunity will allow you to reach new levels of self-awareness through art and image.

Creative therapy is available as either a private one-to-one session, or as a group.


Do you work in a care home, or for a support group?

Would you like to offer your service users the opportunity to have fun
expressing themselves in a relaxed and supportive way?

These group sessions will be facilitated by a fully qualified therapist, who will ensure everyone can enjoy the experience.
No previous art knowledge is needed to join in, as it is all about the variety of ways
to be expressive through image.


Call or email now for more information or to book a FREE taster session

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